Software downloads

These are official releases of the Cura software for use with your Ultimaker.

Cura is Open Source Software and sources can be found at github.

Below you can download the latest release for your operating system (Windows, MacOS X or Linux):

Cura user manual

View the manual

Other downloads

Cura_15.04.exe19.92 MBApril 16 2015 12:55:35.
Cura-15.04-MacOS.dmg36.41 MBApril 16 2015 12:50:36.
cura_15.04-debian_amd64.deb4.65 MBApril 16 2015 12:52:12.
cura_15.04-debian_i386.deb4.52 MBApril 16 2015 12:51:22.

Click here to also see unstable/testing and older downloads.